Giving back the future to our children

Through our Feed to Educate program, we strive to ensure children from poor families may continue to go to school by providing them with continuous food assistance.

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Children in poverty are at a higher risk of dropping out of school. We want to change that. Here's how.

Identify NEEDS

We identify schools that have a problem with student absenteeism due to poverty and shortlist beneficiaries from those schools that will receive food assistance through our Feed To Educate program.

Provide Assistance

Then we provide monthly raw food assistance to the families through funds collected from the public and corporate sector. The foods are meant to offset any expenses needed by the family to send their children to school.

Track Progress

We regularly check with the school to track the academic progress of the children we help and ensure that they do not miss school without any valid reason. We believe education is one of the best ways to get a child out of the poverty cycle.

The schools note an increase in the student's academic performance

Parents are also more willing to be involved with encouraging students to focus on their studies

Where we work

We support schools that have a problem with student absenteeism due to poverty. Children in poverty are usually expected to quit school in order to provide the family with supplemental income. Our Feed To Educate program ensures that children can continue going to school by providing their family with enough raw food supply.

“Poverty must not be used as an excuse to continue child labour. It perpetuates poverty. If children are deprived of education, they remain poor.”

Kailash Satyarthi