School Meals + Education =
Brighter Futures

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Filling bellies, educating minds, fulfilling potentials

In Malaysia,

more than 1 in 10 children have less than 3 meals a day.

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What we do

As a new hunger charity in Malaysia, we serve overlooked and marginalized communities across the globe transforming lives in the process.

Our aim is to offer regular, wholesome meals to individuals and families, freeing them from the daily struggle of securing sustenance which in turn allows them to pursue their aspirations, overcome poverty, and realize their full potential.

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Over 50,000

children and adults supported last year

Over 12 million

meals provided last year

Over 50 million

meals provided since established in 2012

Our projects

Thanks to our generous donors, we aim to deliver impactful projects that result in life long benefits

Millions of people around the globe live with chronic hunger. Unfortunately, we can't reach them all but can still give hope to thousands every year.

School meals

Providing meals that are essential to helping children stay healthy and focused in the classroom.

Quran programme

Providing hot meals to those who are orphaned and in need of support to stay focused and motivated during their studies.

Feed to Educate

Food donations save lives and encourages children to attend school and centres of learning.

Schools Fundraising

Your support provides nutritious meals for children to stay in school and change their lives around.


Raise RM 1000 to provide a year's worth of meals for a child or young person.