Our Story

In the Early Years

Charity Right started in 2012 as part of a food rescue initiative by Mercy Mission Malaysia. Our original objective was to rescue excessive food from restaurants and distribute them to the homeless in the Klang Valley area.

However, most restaurants prefer to provide freshly cooked meals. They were concerned that the food that we rescued would expire quicker than newly made ones.

Reviewed Objective

We reviewed our objectives and started seeking other restaurants who are interested in providing freshly cooked meals for the poor and homeless. Over the years, we served countless needy people, the homeless and also refugees.

We realized that we needed a more sustainable solution to the problem at hand. As the saying goes: "Give a man a fish, and you feed him only for a day."

Feed to Educate

Children that come from low-income family tend to drop-out from school because they are needed to supplement the family's income. In effect, it forces the children to stay in the poverty cycle when they grow up.

In 2017, we embarked on a new mission to Feed to Educate. Through this program, we provide low-income families with monthly supplies of raw and canned food for a whole year. The supplied foods are meant to offset any expenses needed by the family to send their children to school.

The families in our program are required to ensure that their children will continue to attend school to continue receiving their monthly food assistance. We also gather feedback from the schools to track their children's academic progress.

Our early reviews show that our program has the effect of reducing absenteeism amongst the students, increasing the participation of parents, and improving the overall academic performance.

“You will never know who stands with you if you don't stand up first.”

Malala Yousafzai

Our Staff

Mohd Nurhisyam Shamsir


Shamil Mohd Alauddin


Hassaan Izhar


Noornashriq Masnon


Atiqah Jalal