Contact Details:+60 3-7621 2773 / 2774
Bank Account:Mercy Mission Malaysia (Charity Right)
CIMB Islamic Bank - 8600669196

About Us


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Charity Right is an international food aid organisation that works in neglected communities around the world, feeding forgotten and underserved individuals.

Our meals support schoolchildren and adults in refugee camps, slums, jungles, and remote villages across Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Currently we are operating in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sudan, and Turkey.

Children from these areas don't often have the opportunity to escape poverty, but by providing regular meals at school, they are more likely to stay in education, which means they have a chance at a prosperous future.

Why do we focus on providing food to children?

Globally in 2016, UNESCO reported that 263 million children ages 6-17 years old are not attending school. Poverty has been cited as the greatest barrier to education along with child labor.

Charity Right provides continuous food aid to these children to get them in school and keep them learning.