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Charity Right is an international food charity that is focused on alleviating the devastating impact of hunger.

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Our history

Since 2012, we have provided over 50 million meals in 8 countries.

This transformative aid has helped save countless lives and empowered individuals to access education, learn new skills, and escape the cycle of poverty. However, with millions still suffering from hunger, our mission remains critical so we must keep going.

Meet the team

At Charity Right, every member of our staff and trustees are passionate about using whatever skills and experience gained to transform lives forever.

Image of Ramzy Alamudi

Ramzy Alamudi, CEO

Image of Hassaan Bin Izhar

Hassaan Bin Izhar, Head of Projects

Image of Zafina HJ, Khuzaimah

Zafina HJ. Khuzaimah, Head of Fundraising

Our approach

Helping the most needy.

To guarantee our supporters' gifts have maximum impact, we have developed a four-step process that is at the core of all our life-changing projects.

Step 1 – Identify need

We examine initial reports and existing proposals aiming to identify potential weaknesses in communities so we can direct help to areas that can have the most impact.

Step 2 – Set up teams

We set up a team in local area that we plan to work in and gain valuable insights and establish links with local organisations and the people we may aim help.

Step 3 – Research the project

We do due diligence on every potential project. This includes an inspection of the area, feasibility studies and risk assessments ensuring that no member of staff of volunteer is put in harm’s way.

Step 4 – Delivery plan

Once we decide to go ahead with a project, we formulate a delivery plan then action each item until the support we promised is delivered and the project is completed leaving an immediate and long-term change.

Why focus on food?

Proper nutrition is crucial to improving life chance.

Proper nutrition can avert untimely deaths, diseases and mitigate the impact of illnesses like malaria and measles. Equally, consistent access to nourishing food enables individuals to pursue education, employment, and self-sufficiency.


Learn more about our work

Last year, our generous donors helped us to provide over 10 million meals to over 60,000 people. This crucial aid has saved many lives and granted children and adults the opportunity to reach their full potential.

To learn more, download our latest impact report, which highlights our work in different countries.

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