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Charity Right is an international food aid organisation that works in neglected communities around the world, feeding forgotten and underserved individuals.

Our meals support schoolchildren and adults in refugee camps, slums, jungles, and remote villages across Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Currently we are operating in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sudan, and Turkey.

Children from these areas don’t often have the opportunity to escape poverty, but by providing regular meals at school, they are more likely to stay in education, which means they have a chance at a prosperous future.

Why do we focus on 

providing food to children?

Globally in 2016, UNESCO reported that 263 million children ages 6-17 years old are not attending school. Poverty has been cited as the greatest barrier to education along with child labor.

Charity Right provides continuous food aid to these children to get them in school and keep them learning.

Charity Right world wide

Certified by United Nations University ✅

Our sustainable approach to eradicating poverty has been acknowledged by the United Nations  Universities. The “Feed to Educate” program has been awarded an Outstanding Flagship Award from United Nations University under contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goal 1: No Poverty.

RCE Recognition Award from UN University


Hunger: The World’s Biggest Solvable Problem

As studied by the World Health Organization (WHO), chronic hunger shows greater increase by each passing time since 2014. Asia is leading the number of undernourished (381 million), followed by Africa (250 million), Latin America and the Caribbean (48 million).

The progress in fighting hunger is stalling, while the COVID-19 pandemic escalates the vulnerabilities and the shortage of global food system.

Our world’s population estimated to be just over 7 billion. And there is enough food in the world to feed 10 billion.

Hunger is one of the world’s biggest problems today. However, it’s solvable.

Charity Right world wide
Charity Right


We provide meals to school going children.

Charity Right


We deliver food packs to the same families every month.

Charity Right


We distribute food to communities affected by an emergency.

Charity Right world wide

Breaking The Cycle With School Meals.

All our meals are carefully designed to provide maximum nutritional value. We’re fighting more than hunger; we’re fighting malnutrition too.

All our meals are carefully designed to provide maximum nutritional value. We’re fighting more than hunger; we’re fighting malnutrition too. We focus on providing food from three main food groups: carbohydrates, protein, and minerals – specifically calcium. Each meal we serve comes with one item from each group.

Menus are adapted to reflect different regions, food prices, and local traditions.