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In Bangladesh, 33% of all children under five suffer from malnutrition. Stunting (one of its symptoms) affects half of children this age. That means there are 7 million children who can’t develop to their full mental and physical potential because they don’t have enough food.

This reflects what we, at Charity Right, already know. Providing food is more than about feeding people. It’s about creating an environment where hunger no longer acts as a barrier that prevents people from reaching their full potential.

What We Do

School Meals

We provide daily school meals to 900 children in the heart of Dhaka’s slums. They have a guaranteed hot meal every school day, which means they no longer have to work as window washers and street vendors to pay for meals.

This programme has had great results. It’s increased attendance rates across the 27 schools we support, and parents who live in the slums are no longer forced to sell their daughters to local gangs for food.

Don’t take our word for it: meet Belal. His story shows what a child can achieve when they’re given the chance to succeed.

Rohingya Refugees

Over the past few years, Bangladesh has become host to the Rohingya. This community is an ethnic group that has faced severe persecution in Myanmar for decades. When the hostility against them worsened, many fled their home country for neighbouring Bangladesh.

Since the beginning of 2017, we’ve been providing 73 Rohingya refugee families, in Bangladesh, with 3 daily meals.

We’ve also established a separate school feeding programme which is exclusively for the Rohingya community of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Through this project, 634 children across 6 schools have a hot meal every day.

Note: this project is separate from the emergency food appeal that we launched in response to the Rohingya crisis in August 2017.





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