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  1. School Meals- Feed an Afghan Child

    Charity Right provides regular nutritious meals and education to Afghan children in impoverished areas. Because every child deserves a better future.

    RM5,435.00 donated of RM250,000.00 goal

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  2. #TGIF: Thank God, It’s Food!

    Weekly hot meal distribution for orphanages and underprivileged communities in the Klang Valley area.

    RM34,494.74 donated of RM50,000.00 goal

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  3. Emergency Food Packs for Yemen

    66% of Yemenis cannot afford food. More than 10 million of them are at risk of famine. We can’t let this continue for another decade.

    RM12,567.08 donated of RM50,000.00 goal

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  4. Bangladesh

    School Meals- Feed a Rohingyan Child in Bangladesh

    Rohingyan women were raped, children were tortured, men were killed. Charity Right provides regular food packs to 72 Rohingyan families in Bangladesh.

    RM9,517.00 donated of RM50,000.00 goal

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  5. School Meals- Feed a Pakistani Child

    In the Thar Desert of Pakistan, we provide daily school meals for nearly 1,500 children across 14 schools. Our meals help keep poverty-stricken children in school, and give them a better chance of escaping the poverty cycle.

    RM4,703.00 donated of RM50,000.00 goal

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  6. Feed an Uyghur Family

    Over 1 million Uyghur Muslims living in China have been subject to arbitrary arrests, confinement, and laws that ban religious items like the Qur’an and Hijab.

    RM30,949.00 donated of RM200,000.00 goal

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