Helping to raise money to feed the underprivileged during these challenging times.
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The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is one of the most severe global health security threats to surface in decades, and it has affected us in more ways than one. The Malaysian economy has especially suffered from the restrictions in place due to the virus. The pandemic has caused various disadvantages to the community, and one such is a food shortage. Food shortage causes detrimental effects such as health complications such as malnourishment, harming a child’s potential to learn and grow while posing a dilemma to adults in choosing between food or healthcare.


Due to such circumstances, we have decided to join forces with Charity Rights Malaysia, a global food aid organization that works to provide aid to the underserved and underprivileged. We will be launching a campaign on Charity Right’s website and use our dedicated social media accounts to promote, meet, and hopefully exceed our expected donations.


From today onwards to 7th March, we hope to raise a grand total of RM2500. This money will be donated to Charity Right so that they can prepare food packages to be delivered to the underprivileged community in hopes of feeding at least a minimum of 20 families for a month. With these food packages delivered to the underprivileged, we hope that besides being able to have a meal, they would gain more hope and physical resilience to face such challenging times.


As students, we would love to be able to help and contribute to the community in any way possible. And if we would go out of our way to assist the community, we are sure you can too! Any amount of donations would be gladly accepted. If you are not able to donate, fear not; spreading the link for our campaign around would also be a great help. Besides spreading our link, it would also be appreciated if you cannot donate if you go to our social media accounts and like and spread our posts.