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On this year's Independence day, let us put aside our differences and come together as one and offer a helping hand to the less fortunate families.
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Kita Jaga Malaysia

COVID-19 has robbed us of the people we love, our lives and our livelihood. Those who lose their source of income can no longer afford to put food on the table for their families. It was really unfortunate that they had nowhere to turn to for help, leaving them helpless and it pushed them to the brink.

These are a few of the many messages that the Charity Right team receives every day requesting
for food aid and it breaks our heart reading it.

“Assalamualaikum, saya seorang ibu tunggal ingin memohon bantuan barangan keperluan anak saya seperti Pampers dan susu . Saya juga kesempitan hidup untuk membayar sewa rumah dan untuk membeli barang basah.”

“Assalamualaikum tuan. Sy ingin memohon bantuan skit boleh ke. Sy skrg susah tuan. Nk cari duit sewa rumah pn xada nk cari duit mkn pn xada sy peluk kan belanja anak2 sy je susu pmpers beras smua tu dh habis sy xtau mau mnta tolong dgn sape lg tuan.. sy boleh je tahan lapar anak sy mcm mana..😭😭”

As much as we try to believe that we are nearing the light at the end of the tunnel, that the Covid-19 situation will improve and we will get to return to our normal lives soon, unfortunately, things have taken an unexpected turn. Surviving three lockdowns for over a year has left us in despair, and it’s taking a toll on our financial and mental health, which alarmed the number of suicide cases in our country.

While Malaysia is going through its worst time, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought us Malaysians together and closer than ever as we sail through this storm. As our heart breaks when we read the suffering of those in need, our sense of sympathy, concern and love is what we need to unite us during this darkest hour, while working hand in hand to offer help.

Furthermore, the time has come for us to follow our ancestor’s footsteps to protect Malaysia. On their quest to gain independence from the British, our ancestors have sacrificed and pushed aside their differences to stay united and govern Malaya. Let us not forget that it was this unity that has granted us the freedom that we have enjoyed for the past 64 years while celebrating “Merdeka” every 31st August.

In conjunction with the Independence Day that is coming soon, Charity Right wants you to join us, by coming together as one and offering a helping hand to the less fortunate families. It’s time for us to put aside our differences and rise to the occasion.

Charity Right will be supporting all affected families and underprivileged students by providing our food boxes. Our priority is for the beneficiaries to receive nutritious food so they don’t have to sleep in hunger or worry about their next meal.

However, it’s impossible to do this alone. With your support and donations, together we can save more people from falling into despair and living in hunger. Your support will also make a significant impact on your life and also their life.

Because this is more than just feeding the hungry. It’s also about filling hearts with compassion for others and making the world a better place for everyone to live in, especially during this challenging time.


1. Sponsor a family.

Our food boxes contain essential food supplies that can cater up to 4 family members. With RM
150, you can sponsor a family’s food supply for a month or you can opt to partially sponsor food
aid starting from RM 10.

2. Spread the word.

Share this message to your friends and families and stay up-to-date on this situation and our
work by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

Ayuh, bangkit bersama untuk jaga Malaysia!


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