Whether it’s a meal to help a child stay in school or a food box to feed a less fortunate family your support goes a long way.
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Your Generosity Will Bring Joy and Relief!

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Poverty robs the future of every child and their family. Every day, they dash into the cruel realities of poverty, surviving life without the basics such as food and education. Our beneficiaries are from low-income households and a majority of their parents work as fishermen, farmers or are self-employed, taking odd jobs to provide for their families.

Under our Feed to Educate program, Charity Right will be distributing monthly food boxes filled with nutritious food items to 6 schools that we have adopted under this project. Each food box can last a family of 4 for a month and provide 120 meals.

Last year, thanks to your tremendous support, over 200,000 meals were distributed to these students and families.

Your Ramadan Infaq will feed underprivileged students and families for a whole year!

By providing food boxes, you are helping underprivileged students to stay in school and providing them meals for a year. With your support, they will be able to study without hunger and achieve their dreams for a better future. These food boxes will also lighten their family’s burden to put food on the table.

With every nutritious meal provided, comes a hope that a brighter future awaits.


How can I help?

Our Target: 500 Families 

1 Food Box: RM 250

500 Families x RM 250 = RM 125,000

No amount is too little! Donate to feeding the underprivileged in the blessed month of Ramadan.


Ibn al-Qayyim Rahimullah said: “It may happen that you are asleep, and the rewards of good deeds are accumulating for you. Whether it be from a poor man you aided, a hungry person you fed, a sad person you made happily, or a distressed person whom you helped. Never belittle the amount of benefit any good deed can have even if it seems small.”