Charity Right provides regular nutritious meals and education to Afghan children in impoverished areas. Because every child deserves a better future.

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What’s happening in Afghanistan? 

Prolonged war and political instability caused over half of the Afghan population to live in severe poverty and expose to extremism threats. In a crisis like this, innocent children are the largest victims and their lives are severely impacted. 

UNICEF estimates this crisis will cause 8.7 million Afghans to be food insecure and what’s worrying, they also expect that 1 in 2 children under 5 years will be acutely malnourished.

Given the need of the situation, Charity Right launched our school meals program in 10 schools located in the neglected regions of Afghanistan such as Pandawar, Kunar, Ghazni Jalalabad and Kabul. 

In 2021, we have supported 5000 school-going children in these regions by providing daily school meals. 


A brighter future starts with a meal

Afghan children struggle to receive an education and even if they make it to the classroom, they are unable to learn due to extreme hunger.

By providing school meals, these children will have access to nutritious meals that will lead to a healthy life, providing them with the opportunity to have an education and a fun childhood with their friends.  

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How does it work? 

Nutritious Meals + Education = A Chance For A Brighter Future

Our school meals campaign aims to provide nutritious meals to attract hungry children into the classroom. This acts as an incentive for the children to go to school.  

Every day, we will provide a nutritious meal with energy-rich ingredients to all school-going children. This is to ensure our beneficiaries will be able to concentrate in the class and make the most of their education. 

One meal does make a difference. Together, we can give vulnerable children a hope for a brighter future.

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