We are second year medical students from Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Putra Malaysia who are currently enroll in Humanitarian and Leadership Experience (HLE) course which require us to conduct and participate in volunteerism work in order to fulfill its requirements. This course involves volunteerism through planning and implementation of community services. It also emphasizes on leadership skills and importance of lifelong learning. Hence, through the joint efforts with Charity Right Malaysia, we hope that we can fulfil the requirement and contribute to the community and at the same time support your organisation financially to continue to provide humanitarian assistance to the beneficiaries. Our group consists of ten members who are keen and ready to involve in humanitarian work. We hope our efforts can make a difference in the society and help to create a better world.
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Humanitarian Engagement and Leadership Project (HELP) 2020 will be held starting from 10th December 2020 (Thursday) to 22nd January 2021 (Friday). The theme of this event is ‘Together We Can Make the World A Better Place #CHANGINGCOMMUNITIESCHANGINGLIVES’, which aims to raise funds for up to RM1,000.00 in order to help the needy through our collaboration partner, Charity Right Malaysia. Apart from that, this project also aims to instill public awareness towards the importance of volunteerism, expose the public to issues of vulnerable communities such as the current situation of B40 people and call out the public to embrace themselves in lending a hand to the needy.


The fund raising will be done mainly through this platform. Our team will prepare online posters to attract the public to donate to this event and we will also send the invitation to donate via Facebook to our family members, relatives, and friends. The mode of publicity is through social medias — Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. We are constantly looking for ways to contribute to our society by raising funds and raising public awareness towards helping the vulnerable communities. We believe Humanitarian Engagement and Leadership Project (HELP) 2020 is a golden opportunity for both the organisation and us to collaborate and make this project a success, subsequently bringing benefits to the community.

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