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Thank you for your interest with Charity Right.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions that you may find beneficial.

How can I volunteer for Charity Right?

Due to how we distribute our food and run operations, we generally do not require many volunteers. However, if you do have special skills such as in fundraising, website development, or content creation, please send your CV or resume to

Other than providing food to the poor, do you provide cash assistance?

We strictly do not provide cash assistance to our beneficiaries. Our program only focuses on delivering raw and canned food to poor families. In return, we ask the family to allow their children to attend school without having to go to work to supplement the family's income.

How do I apply to be a recipient of your Feed to Educate program?

Through suggestions from our Board of Trustees and from the experience that we have gathered feeding the poor, we internally identify schools that have problems with absenteeism due to the children having to work to supplement their family income.

After we have determined which schools to help, they will provide us with a list of students that require assistance. The family of those students will receive monthly food aid. In return, we ask the family to let the children attend school and concentrate on their studies.

If you have suggestions on which schools we should help, email us at with details of the school and the problems that they are facing.

Can I bank-in my donation to your bank account?

Yes, of course. Our banking details are at the bottom of this page. Once you have made your donation, please email the payment slip to

If you still have any other questions or comments, kindly email us at Our office address and telephone number are available at the bottom of this page.

You may also message us on Facebook or Instagram.