Ramadan 2020 has definitely been a memorable one, but as it starts to wind down, we can start to look ahead to what promises to be an even more memorable occasion, EID-ul-Fitr!!!

With Covid-19 pandemic restrictions still in place, this Eid will certainly be unforgettable. Insha’Allah however it will just make us value that which we may have taken for granted before. The warm embrace of your loved ones, and the feeling of being part something special congregating at the mosque for Eid prayers.

However, Coronavirus won’t stop us from having a special Eid nonetheless. If you were feeling hesitant about dressing up for Eid because you just have to stay home, don’t. Dress up. This is Eid, and Eid is a time for us all to put on our finest clothes. After having a ghusl, put on something that makes you feel special and embrace that wonderful Eid spirit.

Before praying Eid prayer don’t forget to eat some dates as is sunnah, the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) would eat an odd number of dates. Thanks to technology, we can still take part in Eid prayer, many local mosques are streaming the prayer direct to your home. So that Alhamdulillah, you can still hear a khutbah and get some of the joy of being at the mosque on Eid. If you are praying Eid prayers at home, then there are some things you can remember. You can pray from 15 minutes after sunrise, until the time of Zawal (about 15 minutes before Dhuhr).Two rakats, reciting Surah Fatihah and another surah. First rakat has 7 takbeers, the second rakat has 5 takbeers.

After you’ve prayed your Eid prayers it’s time to celebrate with your loved ones. With those who you are quarantining with do all you can to bring the Eid spirit into your home with decorations, special foods and fun Eid activities. For those loved ones who are in their own homes, contact them to wish them an Eid Mubarak. Social distancing is not just for everyday errands. If your loved ones live a little closer, why not go to visit them and celebrate Eid together from a safe distance.
Insha’Allah we pray that you have had a wonderful Ramadan, and that you have an even better Eid. These are strange times that we’re living in, but this all part of Allah’s will. We must stick together, and retain our trust in Allah, and what better time to do that then for Eid. Insha’Allah we pray that you and your loved ones have an amazing Eid Insha’Allah.