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Future this Ramadan.

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Children in Ethiopia are suffering from the worst famine in 50 years in their millions.
Eating is the solution

Over 20 million Ethiopians are suffering from severe levels of hunger and food instability as a result of conflicts and the worst drought in recent memory. Severe malnutrition prevents 3.9 million children from even having access to milk, a fundamental food item.

But food is their answer.

Ethiopian children can receive vital nutrition through routine school meals, giving them the chance to develop into healthy adults.

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'Do not show lethargy or negligence in giving alms and charity until your last breath.'

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Sahih Bukhari

Abshir's was Offered a Lifeline By His School

Sometimes it can be difficult to connect with the people behind statistics. Therefore, let me introduce you to one of the 20.4 million Ethiopians who require food assistance during Ramadan.

Allow me to introduce you to Abshir.

Abshir is just like any other eight-year-old boy who enjoys playing football with his five siblings. However, his father works in a different state and does not send money home, leaving Abshir's mother to struggle with providing enough food for the family.

For him, the solution lies in food.

Thanks to Charity Right's regular and nutritious school meals, Abshir's cheeky smile has regained its spark. Now, when he's not impressing his Maths teacher, he spends his time playing football with friends and talking about his aspirations of becoming a doctor.

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