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Poverty is among the factors for children from low-income families to be at higher risk of dropping out of school and eventually absorbed into the workforce. We aim to solve this problem through our Feed to Educate program.

Feed to Educate Charity Right Malaysia

Our Approach

We undergo a vital four-step process when deciding where we will work. 

fighting hunger

Fighting Hunger

Feed to Educate aims to alleviate hunger from poverty-stricken households by providing monthly food aid to enable the beneficiaries and their families to sustain without relying on their children for supplemental income so they may continue to go to school and focus on their studies.

nutritious meals

Nutritious Meal

Our Food Box is monitored and approved by our in-house nutritionist making sure that our beneficiaries are getting the nutrition they need.



Through Feed to Educate, we make sure children don’t skip school as we believe that education is vital to the emancipation of poverty. To ensure that, a minimum of 80% school attendance is needed to qualify for the food aid.

social entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship

Together with its partners, Charity Right Malaysia conducts a one-year entrepreneurship program aimed at harnessing the skills and improving the financial strength and livelihood of these families. The program is designed to encourage the families to be able to create a sustainable income on their own eventually.

Our “Feed to Educate” program has been awarded an Outstanding Flagship Award from United Nations University under contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goal 1: No Poverty.

RCE Recognition Award from UN

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Feed to Educate Charity Right Malaysia

Make an impact today.

Currently, we are supporting schools, orphanages, and refugee centres. We are committed to making sure that these children and their families receive continuous food aid for the rest of the year. However, we can only continue this with your support.

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