Feed to Educate

Poverty is among the major factors for children from low-income families to drop out of schools and take labour jobs that affect their health, social and moral development. We aim to solve this problem through our Feed to Educate program.

Poverty robs the future of every child and their family. Every day, they dash into the cruel realities, enduring life without the basics such as food and education. We know there are more children at risk of dropping out of school, working to provide supplemental income for their families, and suffering from poor quality of life.

The fight to end poverty is a long battle due to its complexity. While short term aids are helpful, how long can these aids last? This is why we need a sustainable solution in place, and Charity Right aims to resolve this through our family sponsorship project under the Feed to Educate program.

Family Sponsorship

Charity Right’s one-year family sponsorship program aims to create an empowering and sustainable impact for our beneficiaries. Each contribution will be channelled towards holistic development of the family, focusing on:



fighting hunger

Fighting Hunger

nutritious meals

Health & Nutrition

social entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Training

How it works

You can personally select a family (or more) that you would like to sponsor and contribute RM 150 per month that will cover their basic necessities. As this program will run for a year, we aim that this will fulfil their basic necessities and improve their quality of life.

Your contribution will include:

Monthly food box with nutritious food items


Progress report of your sponsored family

Entrepreneurship training to improve beneficiaries’ livelihood

Ensure all students achieve 80% on school attendance & performance

Our “Feed to Educate” program has been awarded an Outstanding Flagship Award from United Nations University under contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goal 1: No Poverty.

RCE Recognition Award from UN

Why Us?

What can you expect from Charity Right?


Personally select a family of your choice whom you would like to help with your generous donation.


Charity Right will regularly send you pictures & reports so you are updated on the status of your sponsored family.

A Chance to Connect

Get to know your sponsored family and personally witness the impact that you are making in their lives.


Hear from our beneficiaries.

When I grow up, I want to be a doctor. I hope to be a pious son, excel in my studies, and be successful in life to help my family.

Adik Aidil, Student

With sufficient and nutritious food they have at home, I hope this will improve their learning abilities and they can pay more attention to their studies. I know a brighter future awaits them, Insha Allah.

Cikgu Aniza, Teacher

I hope I can help my children with their studies and ensure they have everything they need to complete their education. Education is the only way to guarantee a better future for them.

Pn Azlina, Parent

Happiness Delivered… 

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A brighter future starts with a spark of hope.

When a family is sponsored, we are leading them towards the turning point that they have been looking for in their lives. The bright future that these families have been hoping for is coming and they can break free from the shackles of poverty.

It’s time that we turn their hardships into hope.

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