Somalia is in a state of pre-famine. The country is facing both extreme drought and vicious conflict from armed assemblies. Both of these factors are contributing to an extensive and perilous food crisis.

This is reminiscent of the country’s horrifying experience in 2011, when a famine killed 250,000 people. They lost roughly 20-30% of their cattle; their livelihood. This time round, the famine has been even more deadly. 80% of cattle have died and 6.2 million Somalis are in need of humanitarian assistance. Of this, three million require urgent care in the form of food and health assistance.

Without organised assistance from the international community, huge numbers face death by malnutrition. Children’s growth is at risk of being stunted, and they won’t be able to go to school. Advances in economic development will be overturned and livelihoods and futures will be lost.

What we’re doing to help

Charity Right’s emergency drought response managed to reach more than 1000 people.

Our team travelled to Somalia when the world was made aware of the crisis in March 2017, and we worked across the country to help provide aid to those who needed it most.

With the help of your donations, we provided them with emergency nutritional assistance and water. Priority was given to strengthening nutrition programmes for children and the elderly.

During our trip, we provided humanitarian support that consisted of:

– 200 food packs (one food pack feeds six)

– 1200 people receiving nutritional aid as an urgent priority

– Four trucks of safe water delivered

At the cost of £45, each food pack gave a family 4kg milk, 2kg dates, 6.25kg lentils, 25kg rice and 12.5kg sugar. This was to last families a month.

But it soon became clear that our food packs were not feeding families for a month. But this wasn’t due to the packs being inadequate, it was because poor families were redistributing their food to hungry neighbours. As such, food packs needed to be replenished within a week or two.

In the upcoming months, we plan to multiply our efforts and cover a wider area, in the hope of assisting a greater number of vulnerable people. We are ready to assist more than 2000 people in the coming weeks.

From May 2017, we will be opening a soup kitchen in Mogadishu. This will provide at least 2000 people with food every day, including rice, lentils, and milk. Regular access to water will also be provided.

This is life-saving help, as the lack of rain means that nothing is growing from the ground. There is no other source of food.

What you can do to help

With your support, we raised over £40,000 to provide emergency food aid to families in Somalia in March 2017. This reached the ground in late March and is feeding families and saving lives as we speak.

However, we still need your help to reach our target of £135,000. This will allow us to open a soup kitchen in Mogadishu and reach out to a larger number of people.

The situation on the ground is much worse than we had anticipated. Every penny you donate will help.

Can I really make a difference?

Yes. You can.

You might be thinking: “How can my charitable donation of just a few pounds help a large-scale disaster?”

The answer is that you can look after one family at a time. Providing one family with the ingredients they need to take care of themselves and their children is a great place to start.

A donation of £45 provides one family with food security for a whole month. You can donate by using the bar the top of this page. 

This campaign has ended. You can donate for other projects here.

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