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I know what it feels like to survive with one meal per day and live with hunger. It was painful.

I had a financial problem back then and I can barely afford to buy food. One time, I was about to faint from the hunger. Suddenly, a random person handed me a cream roll bread and a water bottle. I was really thankful for her. Only Allah knows how hungry I was at that time. Alhamdulillah now that I’m doing better, I know that I should give back to help poor families, so they don’t live with hunger.

W, Donor

At first, I chose to donate to the fundraising simply because the theme colour is pink. Then, when I see your (Charity Right) work, it is inspiring. Masya Allah. I feel that my donation is making a big impact on society and may Allah accept it.

F, Donor

Covid-19 taught me in a different way. Everybody is talking about a new norm that leads our lives. We need to comply with the standard operating procedures set by the government. Some of us are badly affected during this pandemic.

Knowing that there are people who couldn’t afford to buy necessary things, especially food breaks my heart. That is why I started to find a medium to donate. It makes me happy and calm at the same time because I know the donation will be used for good deeds.

I believe these kinds of movements deserve to be acknowledged. Thank you, for taking care of them on our behalf. ❤

S, Donor

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Our Supporting Partners

Di luar bandar, kadang-kadang, anak-anak tidak makan (secara berkala). Dalam satu lawatan kami ke rumah pelajar, mereka tidak mendapat sebutir beras pun. Ketika keluarga tersebut mendapat bantuan makanan dari Charity Right Malaysia, mereka tidak dapat menyatakan rasa terima kasih yang mereka rasakan terhadap kami, dan terutama kepada Charity Right Malaysia. Kami sebagai guru tidak dapat menolong pelajar-pelajar ini dengan dana yang besar, tetapi dengan bantuan Charity Right Malaysia, banyak keluarga kami kini disokong dan kami melihat perubahan yang ketara dalam diri pelajar, mereka lebih positif untuk terus belajar.       

Puan Rohana Binti Mat

Counselling Teacher, SK Simpang Ampat, Perlis

This is not a million-ringgit food handout that could be milked for publicity, rather it is a low-key, down-to-earth effort, with enough for deserving families to keep them going. In return, the children from these families must attend school and follow the lessons to qualify to stay in the programme.

Prof. Emeritus Tan Sri Dato' Dzulkifli Abdul Razak

Rector, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)

Hear from

Our Beneficiaries

After my father died, my uncle came to live with us. But after a while, he left us too, so I became responsible for my two brothers and six sisters. I belong to a poor family, which makes my life very different from other children’s. After school, I work part-time cutting wood in my village. Before Charity Right’s feeding programme, I used to stay hungry until the afternoon and I wasn’t able to concentrate on my studies. I’d only eat one meal a day. I love studying and I feel so good knowing that Charity Right is serving us. My dream is to make my village famous by receiving a great education.



Thousands of vulnerable Afghans immigrated to Malaysia to protect themselves from the war and the humanitarian crisis. While some of us are working odd jobs, some have serious illnesses and couldn’t work.  However, due to Covid 19 and MCO, our people couldn’t go out to earn income and they are struggling to put food on the table. These people are from poor families and they are on the brink of hunger.

From 3000 families who are in Malaysia, we have selected 25 families to help with food and to make them happy. We thank Charity Right for the humanitarian assistance and wish God Almighty will give you the same in Jannah, Insha’ Allah.

H, Beneficiary

With no other men in our household, the burden of responsibility falls upon my elderly, blind father. There are 21 of us living in two huts. We share five single beds among us. For generations, we’ve been stuck in the poverty cycle. Some days we can afford food, and other days we can’t. There were times we ate nothing. That’s why the food packs that CR gives us every month means so much to us.


Pelarian Eritrea di Sudan

Saya mengucapkan banyak banyak terima kasih atas bantuan yang telah diberikan,saya mendoakan agar semua penderma diberikan rezeki yang melimpah ruah dan kesihatan… Terima Kasih kepada Charity Right kerana meringankan beban hidup saya….  syukur Alhamdulillah, Terima Kasih!

M, Beneficiary

Note: Some Donors’ & Beneficiaries’ identity is hidden to protect their privacy.

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