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School meals

Through our school meals program, we provide regular, nutritious meals that are essential to helping underprivileged children stay healthy and focused in the classroom.

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Giving Hope for a Brighter Future Through School Donations

Join us in our mission to create a better world for vulnerable children through the power of education and nutrition. Your generous donation can help transform the lives of young people in impoverished areas around the world. By supporting our school meals project, you can provide essential sustenance to children who would otherwise go hungry, enabling them to focus on their studies and achieve their dreams.

Quick donation

  • RM 1800 can provide a child with school meals for a year.
  • RM 36000 can provide a class of 20 children with school meals for a year.
The issue

Millions of children around the world are caught in a cycle of poverty, facing chronic malnutrition and unsanitary living conditions that put their lives at risk.

Despite their best efforts, these children often find it difficult to receive an education, as they must work to provide for their families. Hunger and malnutrition also affect their ability to learn, making it harder for them to escape poverty. Our charity is committed to breaking this cycle by providing essential nutrition and educational support to these children.

The solution

By supporting our school meals charity, you can help transform the lives of children who would otherwise go hungry and miss out on an education.

Our nutritious meals program provides a powerful incentive for parents and guardians to send their children to school, giving them a chance to thrive and break the cycle of poverty.

Thanks to our children's food campaign, kids can look forward to healthy, energy-rich lunches that keep them fuelled and focused throughout the day. These meals not only nourish their bodies but also nurture their minds, helping them to learn and grow. By filling the bellies of hungry children, we can empower them to succeed in school and build a brighter future.

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