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Quran programme

Our charitable organization is dedicated to providing hot meals to Quran students, including those who are orphaned and in need of support. Through our efforts, we provide regular nourishment that is vital for these students to stay focused and motivated during their studies. This appeal is essential in enabling Hafiz orphans to access the nutrition they require to learn the Quran and realize their full potential.

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Empowering Quran students for a brighter future

As a charitable organization, we strive to empower vulnerable children who are learning the Quran to achieve a brighter future. By sponsoring a Hafiz orphan and making a donation, you can help transform the lives of these students forever. Your generosity can give these children a chance to deepen their Islamic knowledge and pursue an education, providing them with the tools they need to succeed and thrive.

Quick donation

  • RM 500 can provide a Hifz student with 3 daily meals for a month.
  • RM 3000 can provide a Hifz student with 3 daily meals for six months.
  • RM 6000 can provide a Hifz student with 3 daily meals for a year.
  • RM 12000 can provide 2 Hifz students with 3 daily meals for a year
The issue

Orphaned children often have limited access to education and, without family support, many turn to Quran schools as their primary source of learning.

For these children, the Quran school is not just a place of education, but also a home where they eat, sleep, and spend most of their childhood.

The solution

As a charity dedicated to supporting Muslim orphans, we strive to ensure that Quran students have access to regular, nutritious meals to nourish their bodies and minds.

Your donation can make a significant impact by providing essential resources that improve the health and well-being of vulnerable children, allowing them to concentrate on their studies and spiritual development. By sponsoring an orphan today, you can help provide vital education to those seeking to deepen their understanding of the Islamic faith.

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