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It’s estimated that eastern Sudan is home to over 100,000 Eritrean refugees, and has been since the 1960s due to the war for Eritrean independence, open-ended military service, and human rights violations.

The majority of these refugees live in camps amid conditions that the UN once described as “intolerable.” Frequent drought increases malnutrition rates, kills livestock and crops, and leaves no earning potential. These people lack adequate food and water, and it’s not unusual for some to go days without a meal.

Sudan will not grant citizenship to most of these individuals, so they have little to no access to healthcare or education.

In 50 years, not much has improved for this community, so much so that the UN has dubbed them the “forgotten refugees.”

What We Do

School Meals

In 2016, we provided over 1 million meals to Eritrean schoolchildren in eastern Sudan. But that was only the beginning. A year later we welcomed an extra 18 schools onto our feeding programme, and now we support 31 schools. By the end of 2017, we’d provided over 2.5 million meals to schoolchildren in this region.

This cooked meal means that parents no longer have to worry about where their child’s next meal will come from. Daily school meals create well-nourished children who can focus on their education. And education is their ticket out of the poverty trap.

Over half of the schools we support are the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) sponsored schools. This partnership allows us to provide life-changing help to as many refugee children as possible.

Quran (Hifz) Programme

We feed over 8000 schoolchildren. Almost 1000 of these are students who are memorising the Quran – and many of them are orphans.

Since these institutions tend to be boarding schools, the children here receive 3 daily meals. That’s 84,000 meals provided to Quran students every single day.

Our meals are central to their efforts, as they give them the physical and mental strength they need to continue their studies. Enabling their success is a never-ending form of charity for Muslims.

Family Food Packs

We provide over 500 Eritrean refugee families with 3 meals a day. The harsh conditions of the refugee camp, along with drought and high costs of living, have plunged these families into poverty. Without help, they’d have no food.

Every month, our beneficiary families have their food pack delivered to their door. This saves them from having to travel for their food, whilst also ensuring your donations reach their intended destination.





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