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Volunteer Experiences

Our company (The Body Shop Malaysia) encourages our staff to take part in volunteers to contribute to society. So every year we will join different types of charity with different organizations. It has become a habit to us and we always look forward to all these volunteering tasks.

When I met these kids, my first impression was they are so cheerful, neat and I think they are quite well taken care of by the orphanage house. The children are very friendly, optimistic even though they’re orphans. I feel that I and my children are very much fortunate compared to them. Things I learn from them today is to never give up even though someone has given up on me.

We should always balance ourselves with all the meaningful activities. Life is not just ourselves, but also lending a hand or spending quality time that enlightened someone can help to boost up our own day.

Lim Chiew Yan

I joined Charity Right as a volunteer because I want to meet new people and make new friends. I was very excited when I first met these kids and really cherish every moment spent with these kids.

We played “Goreng Pisang” (a traditional game) and seeing these kids “extra efforts” to win the
game is something that I will always remember. Not to mention, who can forget Ikram’s drawing of “beca” (trishaw), that boy is really creative. Volunteering helps me to be selfless and I want to provide more to our community.

Nur Iqmal Alang Ahmad

I joined as a volunteer because our company (The Body Shop Malaysia) encourages its employees to fulfil certain hours of volunteering duties/activities within a year. Apart from that, I do have a personal interest in contributing to society and volunteering in charities as and when time permits. 

It was lovely meeting the kids. They were cheerful, bubbly and I had a very good time spent with them. I am glad I am able to share my learnings and experience with them and to answer their questions. Through the game sessions, I noticed that they are very knowledgeable too. I will never forget their smile and laughter.

Having the chance to interact with the kids and putting smiles on their faces that I will always treasure. I’m grateful that these kids have shelter and an opportunity to learn and grow. There is always hope around us and we should never give up.

Winnie Gan

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