Yemen is in Crisis
this Ramadan.

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Yemen has the world's highest rate of childhood malnutrition...
Food is their answer

One of the worst humanitarian disasters in the world is occurring in Yemen. Eight years of bloody war left the nation in ruins, and 80 percent of the population now lives in poverty.

But food is their answer.

Yemeni children who receive regular school meals can benefit from the nutrients they sorely lack for a healthy upbringing. They can concentrate better on their studies and earn the education necessary to open the door to a better future when they go to school while replete.

Yemen in Stats


number of school meals provided last year


number of children and young people supported last year

'Do not show lethargy or negligence in giving alms and charity until your last breath.'

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Sahih Bukhari

Asraar's School Offered Her a Lifeline

Life is difficult for the 80% of Yemenis who live below the poverty level due to a faltering economy.

Meet Asraar, a nine year old girl with eight siblings.

Since a few years ago, Asraar's family has been struggling; her mother cares for their deaf sibling and her father is unable to work due to a disability.

Her two older siblings dropped out of school to go to work because their stomachs were empty and there was no hope of relief in site. For Asraar's family, it seemed like things would never get better.

Food is their answer.

Asraar receives a daily nutritious and balanced meal from Charity Right while pursuing an education that will transform her life. In the meantime, this lessens her family's financial strain so that their money can be used more effectively.

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