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Enhance your Ramadan experience by planning your charitable contributions in advance. This will allow you to fully devote yourself to worship during the valuable ten nights.

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About Night Of Power

Maximize your generosity during the final ten nights of Ramadan

By spreading out your charitable doations. Planning your donations in advance will enable you to concentrate on your worship during the Night of Power and reap abundant rewards.

How does it work

You can easily plan your donation in just 3 simple steps

Once it's done, you can relax and have peace of mind.

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1. Select your projects

Choose a unique project from the options we have provided and select a donation amount.

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2. Split your donation

Choose how you split your donation across the last ten nights.

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3. Confirm and pay

Confirm your donation and we'll do the rest!

Our projects

Where will my donation be allocated?

It will be directed towards ensuring that school children and Hifz students receive crucial daily meals.

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School meals

Provide regular meals to school children.

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Quran programme

Help feed Hifz students so they can focus on their learning.

Prepare in advance for the Night of Power

Seize the opportunity to earn immense rewards

Make this Ramadan your most spiritually enriching one yet by amplifying your good deeds and maximizing the potential of Laylatul-Qadr, which is better than a thousand months.

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