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Bangladesh has the most underweight children in South Asia...
Food is their answer

The majority of South Asian countries' underweight infants reside in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is experiencing the effects of the world food catastrophe.

But food is their answer.

Bangladesh is experiencing the effects of the world food catastrophe.

Children in Bangladesh can receive the essential nutrition they need to grow up healthily with consistent and nourishing school lunches. They can obtain the education they need to stop this cycle and open the door to a better future by going to school while still full.

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number of school meals provided last year


number of children and young people supported last year

'Do not show lethargy or negligence in giving alms and charity until your last breath.'

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Sahih Bukhari

Alia's was Offered a Lifeline By Her School

Did you know 75% of children’s diets don’t meet dietary variety standards in Bangladesh – here’s just one child...

Allow me to introduce you to Alia.

Alia was only six years old when her father passed away, and shortly after, her family was evicted from their home, leaving them without any means to provide for themselves. Despite moving to Moheshkhali, Alia's mother faced difficulties in finding employment and the family had to endure hunger and illness, which took a toll on their mental health.

For her, the solution lies in food.

Thanks to the regular and nourishing meals provided by her madrassah, Alia can now experience the satisfaction of a full stomach, which has allowed her to grow up healthy and concentrate on her studies with renewed energy. School meals have given Alia and her family the opportunity for a better future.

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